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MadeGood Wins Gold!

September 22, 2020 0 Comments

MadeGood Red Velvet Cookies win Gold at Tasty Awards 2020

Every year, delicious and nutritious snacks from around the country are sent to a very selective panel of judges at TasteTV for the annual TASTY AWARDS.

TasteTV is a multi-platform media enterprise that delivers exciting food, wine, fashion, travel and lifestyle programming from around the United States, Canada, and the world. The repertoire of TasteTV includes television, online video, book publishing, social media, events, award competitions, travel, branded products, and technology.

Launched in 2008, the TASTY AWARDS set out with the mission to honor the top brands in lifestyle, film, television, and online programs. In 2011, the awards for TV and broadcast underwent a minor title change and became the TASTE AWARDS, allowing the product and brand award competitions to continue as the TASTY AWARDS. The TASTY AWARDS panel consists of elite judges from the Academy of Media Tastemakers, which is composed of food and wine editors, writers and bloggers, chefs, fashion journalists, television producers, previous award recipients, and others spread throughout North America.

This year, the TASTY AWARDS featured the 6th Annual Snack Awards. Each judge taste-tested and cast their ballots for which snacks they believed to be the “Top Healthy Gourmet Snacks of the Year'' based on what they considered to be the healthiest, most appealing, and tastiest gourmet snack. These snacks can come in any shape, size, or category; if they are eye-catching, flavorful, and healthy, there is a good chance they made the cut for the 6th annual Snack Awards at TasteTV!

This unique competition allows the creators of each product to be recognized and celebrated for their delectable achievements while also making it easier for consumers everywhere to identify the best products on the market. One of the hottest categories in this year’s TASTY AWARDS is the “Top Healthy Gourmet Snack creations of the Year”. This heated race brought together the finest gourmet snacks to see who would edge out the competition and bring home the gold! While we were humbled to even be considered for this prestigious award… we are over-the-moon with excitement to announce that one of the Gold winner’s of the “Top Healthy Gourmet Snack of the Year” is none other than… (drumroll please)

MadeGood’s Red Velvet Soft Baked Mini Cookies!

The judges were blown away by how much we packed into these tiny cookies! They said, “if you have a taste for red velvet, you’ll like these, but because of their size and healthy ingredients you won’t feel too guilty about having them” and we could not agree more! Our Red Velvet Soft Baked Mini Cookies have all the traditional attributes of your favorite treat, but with none of the junk or guilt! These all-natural and organic cookies are small enough to pop them in your mouth on the go and tasty enough to make you reach for another pouch before heading out the door. The melt-in-your-mouth texture of these bite-size cookies will have your brain tricked into thinking they just came fresh from the oven. No need to worry about over-indulging on this sweet snack because MadeGood’s Red Velvet Soft Baked Mini Cookies contain all the goodness of MadeGood, meaning that they are free from most common allergens while also sneaking six vegetables in each pouch! (Veggies? In cookies?! Who would have thought!). Each cookie has a few morsels of delectable white chocolate chips to satisfy that sweet tooth while only containing 7 grams of sugar per pouch. These are truly a treat!

We are so honored and humbled to be considered a Gold award winner for the 2020 TASTY AWARDS in the “Top Healthy Gourmet Snack creations of the Year” category along with so many other notable and elite brands and products. Our Red Velvet Soft Baked Mini Cookies are available online and in-store now! Grab a box (or two, you know you will want more) to share the goodness and see (or taste) for yourself! Also, be on the lookout for our other scrumptious soft baked cookie flavors- Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Banana, No Nut Butter and Snickerdoodle!


Click here to check out the winners of the 2020 TASTY AWARDS:

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