B Corp means A+!

Back to the books in the MadeGood classroom! But this time, we are here to break down B Corporation (B Corp for short) and what it really means for us and for you

So, what is this B Corp we are talking about anyway? B Corporations are companies that are certified by B Lab for achieving specific benchmarks in social and environmental impact, accountability, and transparency. Essentially, it is a private certification program for businesses to make sure they are doing all the good they say they are- sort of like how certain products can be Certified Organic or Certified Gluten-Free (like ours!). 

It all began in 2006 when three pals ditched their big-time business and private equity gigs to construct an organization committed to clearing the path for companies who made it their mission to be “triple bottom line”. Triple bottom line theory encompasses the idea that companies should look beyond the belief that profit is the bottom line of the business and expands that to take people and the planet into consideration when making business decisions too. B Corporation was founded to sort of pull back the curtains on companies to guarantee and certify that they are true to their word. By 2007, the first 82 companies had become B Corp certified and as of today there are over 3,500 B Corp certified companies in over 70 countries around the world!

So, how does this certification actually work?

To measure the effect a company is having, B Lab uses the B Impact Assessment tool. Once every three years, the company who wishes to be B Corp certified must submit a rigorous questionnaire regarding governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. The same questionnaire is provided to every company that is applying, no matter what product or service they provide! The types of questions asked on the B Impact Assessment range from questions about health & safety, diversity, and community service to product benefits, claimed product certifications, and how a company processes customer complaints. The more a company grows, the more meticulous the questions become! Along with answering all the necessary questions, the company must also submit all supporting documentation for review. Once the questionnaire is complete, B Lab assigns an analyst to review everything with the company on a phone call. To pass the B Impact Assessment and become B Corp certified, a company must score at least 80-points. Now, it is actually quite common for a company to fall below the 80-point benchmark their first time submitting and that is okay! The standards held by B Corp are remarkably high. There’s always room for improvement!

What does that mean for you?

With every scrumptious bite you take of a MadeGood product- your stomach, your mind, and your heart can rest easy knowing that every ingredient and every employee that created each product has been treated with the utmost respect and care. We heavily value transparency and we want every consumer to be able to understand what goes into the making of each product. That is why every time you purchase a MadeGood product you are supporting better-for-you foods. However, there is a greater cause you support with each dollar you spend on MadeGood. 

MadeGood does the right thing for everyone who works here by providing a safe environment for our employees, and every member of our team earns a living wage! MadeGood meets environmental and sustainability standards and ultimately protects the planet and people by doing business to a higher standard (and we are always asking ourselves how we can do better)! As a triple bottom line and B Corp certified business, you can trust the food you purchase is what it claims to be and that the product you are taking home is truly Made Good. 

 PHEW! We covered a lot here! 

Now that you know a little bit more about the standards by which B Corp measures a company for certification, you may be wondering how you can contribute. Purchasing products from B Corp Certified businesses is a start! It always helps to do your homework and learn about what goes on behind the scenes and what goes into the things you purchase and consume, because it is always reflected in the end product. When you purchase something from a B Corp certified business, you are supporting an A+ cause!

The next time you reach for a MadeGood treat, remember the guaranteed goodness that goes into each bite is backed by our B Corp certification! So you can snack happily! 

Class dismissed!

By Brittany Giblin and Lauren Pagano