Curiosity is change: hands holding a small plant in a garden curiosity is change: hands holding a small plant in a garden

Curiosity is change.

To be curious about a problem is the first step to solving it. Living sustainably on Earth is a global issue and we’re constantly asking ourselves ‘How can we do better?' See the steps we're taking now and the goals we've set to help change things for the better, together.

Making a Genuine Impact

At MadeGood, we feel a responsibility to step up and make the world better for everyone. Sure, maybe it's a lofty goal, but the most worthwhile things usually are. That's why we feel an obligation to do things the right way, from the products we make to the people we work with.

Group picture of production workers in lab coat at hair nets

Our Commitment

Making a difference is in our DNA. It's how we were built. Inclusivity is at our core, like the way our snacks are formulated free from the top 9 most common allergens. We strive to offer safety and opportunity for everyone.

workers in PPE sorting waste on a conveyor belt

Our Partners

When it comes to the people we hire and the suppliers we partner with, shared values become essential. We want partners that respect environmental practices, provide safe working conditions, and give fair wages to their workers. It's simply the right thing to do.

Salma and staff visiting a vendor site

Our Community

We proudly support a myriad of programs across the planet which have a positive impact on their communities. From foodbanks and children's hospitals in North America, to our Plastic Action Partnership in India, we're committed to giving back to the places our customers, staff and partners call home.

Read more about our impact journey.

two hearts doodle: a little bit of curiosity can make a big change two hearts doodle: a little bit of curiosity can make a big change

A little bit of
curiosity makes
a big change.

Hope, curiosity, and passion: It's what drives us.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our ideas, initiatives, and partners we work with to make big changes.

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Always Organic

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is deeply rooted in organics. We work with nature rather than against it. That’s why every single product we make is Certified Organic. Why? Because these practices result in healthier people, communities, and reduces our carbon footprint. 

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Certified Plastic Neutral

For every ounce of plastic used, MadeGood removes the same from the environment, helping to protect ecosystems and shift the plastic crisis into an opportunity. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we've been able to take charge of our plastic footprint, create jobs, and empower local communities. Though we still have a ways to go, we're working hard to eliminate the single-use, petroleum-based packaging entirely.

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Cocoa Partners

Through the Nuwa Muun project and in collaboration with our vendor partner, we've empowered 25 female farmers in Peru to adopt more regenerative agroforestry practices. This project also analyzes the environmental impacts of growing cocoa. The results have been incredible with noticeable improvements in soil health, crop yield, farmer profitability and rich data to inform future cocoa farming.

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Regenerative Organic Oats

MadeGood sponsors one of Canada’s largest Regenerative Organic Oats Pilot projects. Not only does this practice hope to improve the quality and yield of the oats, but also leads to better soil fertility, increased crop resilience and a noticeable decrease in carbon footprint in the future. Truly a win-win!